Community Dividend

Montana high school students build affordable housing

Published November 1, 2000  | November 2000 issue

Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (NHS) of Great Falls, Mont., has received grants totaling $10,600 to help defray the costs of constructing two High School Houses and making them affordable to buyers.

High School Houses are built by construction technology students from Great Falls high schools. With guidance from teachers and construction workers, students participate in every step of the construction process, from acquiring building permits to laying sod for the finished houses. Construction materials are donated or purchased through grants, and the completed houses are sold to local low- to median-income families that have completed NHS's homebuyer program.

Since the project began in 1997, NHS, in partnership with the City of Great Falls and local contractors, has overseen the construction of five High School Houses. Two houses are under construction and will be completed by June of 2001.

The recent grants were awarded by the Montana Community Fund, in the amount of $5,000, and the Gannett Foundation, in the amount of $5,600, according to the Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. of Great Fallsnewsletter.