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Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 2, 2004

Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 2, 2004

Jacqueline Nicholas | Community Affairs Officer

Published November 1, 2004  | November 2004 issue

Partnership is the cornerstone of our work in Community Affairs. Our initiatives would not be possible without multiple partners who share their time, energy and ideas with us. Those partners include organizations like community development corporations, government agencies, financial institutions and universities. We also work with and learn from colleagues in other areas of the Federal Reserve System.

Activities in our District demonstrate that partnership is crucial throughout the community development spectrum. In Minneapolis, the combined efforts of U.S. Bank employees, community members and volunteers helped low-income families file for tax credits. Collaboration among dozens of individuals and organizations in Montana launched an energetic statewide coalition to promote financial education. Countless other community development efforts in the Ninth District are fueled by the talents and resources of multiple contributors. In this field, strong partnerships can make strong communities.