National Native Homeownership Coalition (NNHC)


To enhance homeownership opportunities in tribal communities by bringing together key players and systems leaders in order to resolve barriers to homeownership on trust lands.


  • Ensure access to mortgage credit
  • Maximize housing choice
  • Coordinate efforts to streamline the lending process
  • Provide data and research on mortgage lending


Homeownership is central to Native communities attaining their economic development goals. As the largest single investment for most families, housing and homeownership are significant drivers of most economies. However, in Indian Country, homeownership hovers around 53%, compared to the national rate of 64%. The gap is notably larger on trust lands.

The Mortgage Lending in Indian Country Convening, held at the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community in 2016, led to the creation of the NNHC by identifying that barriers and obstacles to homeownership in Indian Country could be resolved through a collaborative framework to strengthen the mortgage industry infrastructure on trust land, as well as support tribal leadership. The NNHC now has approximately 200 members representing over 40 organizations and all sectors of the Native homeownership and mortgage industries.

List of Member Organizations

Working Groups

  1. Tribal Leadership Support
  2. Lending Systems
  3. Data and Research
  4. Homebuyer Readiness
  5. Capital and Secondary Markets

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Goals and Progress

The NNHC has been active since January 2017 and recently held a mid-year check-in to discuss the goals and progress of its five working groups. The Coalition also decided to regularly share a progress update on the goals of each working group. Please see the links below to learn more.

NNHC Mid-Year Updates

SMART Goal Tracker